Changes in v2

Welcome to iFoodiez v2!

This page is intended to help you with a few of the major changes in how things work. 


Now when viewing recipes, each one you open is displayed in its own tab. Just click the tab to jump between recipes, which is very handy when making Thanksgiving dinner ;-)

Also note that the current search are always maintained in the first tab, so you can always switch back and view more recipes. And when you're done with a recipe, just click the red X on the tab to close it.

Search Options

We've moved the search bar over to the left into the Options panel, and it works a little differently now. In the original version, your search results would update as you typed. Now, you actually have to hit Enter to start the search (or click the blue search button). The other options work the same as before, they're just out in the open rather than hiding in a hidden panel.


Look in each of your recipe directions and you should see that any times listed in the directions are converted to links. Tap a link to set a timer running for that instruction. When the timer completes, the recipe is displayed and a sound is played every 10 seconds or so. Here are a few things to keep in mind about timers:

  • You can have multiple timers running at once, which is great when cooking multiple recipes.
  • Make sure your volume is turned up and your device is not muted.
  • If using a mobile device (like an iPad), you'll want to disable the "Auto-lock" or sleep timeout function while cooking. If your device goes to sleep while timers are running, it won't wake automatically and the timers are then invalid.


When you get new recommendations from friends they now show as a little number bullet, so you know you have new stuff to look at. Click the recommendations link to see all recommended recipes (bold ones are the ones you haven't viewed yet).

Image Uploader

Often times iFoodiez development benefits from my day job, and the image uploader is a good example. We've added a new way to upload images for a recipe that uses new web standards, and is very easy. Just edit a recipe, click the Image tab, and drag an image from your PC to the green drop box. Or you can click the Choose File button, which is very handy on an iPad, because it presents a "Take  Picture" option.


Other changes/fixes

  • The remember me function now works properly
  • Option panels are now "accordion" panels, which save some space