i be Foodiez

Since this is my first official blog entry, I'll kick it off by summarizing where we started, where we're at, and where we're going. As I'm sure you'll all agree, we have a passion for cooking and that is reflected in this site. 

To me, cooking is more than just cranking out some good grub; it's about having something at someone's house, loving it, and then really really wanting the recipe. And once you've got it, you need to be able to find it. I have 50 cookbooks on my shelf and for the most part, they may as well be written in Chinese. I just don't have the time to go through them on a regular basis, so I need quick and easy access to my stuff. And cookbooks are just so 20th century...dude!

So the search for a good recipe sharing site begins. You'd think that in the age of the web, there would be millions of sites out there for just that, but alas, you'd be wrong. Thing is, recipe sites are all about making bucks from user-contributed content, and making that content public. Yes they share your recipes...with the world. But when I search, most of the time I just wanna search my stuff or my friend's stuff, not some stranger's Aunt Edna's stuff. Who the hell is Aunt Edna anyway?

So finally I decide to bite the bullet and Dave & I start brainstorming features. We want the site to be cool. Not an old school static website, but a dynamic, web 2.0 site that doesn't have you waiting for pages to render all the time. Things pop like an application should.

One of my primary thoughts is that a lot of people really DON'T want to make their stuff public. So that was to be one of the primary mission goals of iFoodiez; private recipe sharing. You share with your group...and that's it.

The other primary goal was easy and dynamic searching of my circle of friends. Amazing that sites like Epi let you create a library, and then turn right around and don't let you search it. Geez.

So the reality of this all is that I use this site every day...for cooking. I'm passionate about it because it's a serious tool that improves my quality of life, so I want it to work well. Oh yeah, and it keeps me from going bananas...

In the coming months, I'll be adding features that make sense, like cookbook printing, dynamic timers, Droid and iPhone apps, etc... I probably won't be adding things that I don't think people really use like shopping list (or at least it'll be a lower priority).

Just say no to paper...yes to iFoodiez!